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UTM Gallerium provides consultation to any responsible centre of ‘pusat tanggungjawab’ (PTJ) that is interested in establishing a gallery. At the initial stage, the consultation activities only involved UTM Gallerium and the responsible centre. The outlooks and decisions of the management are crucial in determining the smooth running of the project, especially in the financial aspect. Systematic planning requires a commensurate of allocation in order to establish a gallery.

UTM Gallerium reserves the right to be notified on the total budget allocated by the responsible centre so that planning can be carried out in accordance with the amount that has been determined. The discussion between the two parties involves various scopes that have been outlined by UTM Gallerium. Ideas and creativity are translated in the form of graphic sketches for specific items with the aim of providing a clearer picture for the reference of both parties. The preparation of graphic sketches is the responsibility of the company that has been identified by UTM Gallerium. Hence the company needs to understand the needs of the responsible centre so that the preparation of relevant documentation meets the criteria and budget allocated.

The discussion facilitates the delivery of information as well as adds value to ideas and creativity to the project to be implemented. The responsible centre is also responsible for monitoring the work carried out by the company in the field to ensure that safety, hygiene procedures, etc. are in a controlled manner and do not violate the rules outlined by the responsible centre.

The collaboration of UTM Gallerium and these parties involve the following phases:

  1. Meetings and discussions.
  2. Site visit.
  3. Reference work from various sources.
  4. Acquirement of a suitable company/supplier (quotation and graphic sketch).
  5. Preparation of proposal report with cost (based on the responsible centre’s needs and budget).
  6. Presentation of proposal report.
  7. Follow-up action from time to time.
  8. Monitoring of work carried out by the company (if the proposal is approved by the responsible centre).